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Individual Counseling & Coaching

Individual Counseling can support you through challenging life experiences, such as addiction, substance abuse & dependence, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, etc. My approach is strength-based, skills-oriented, practical, and short-term. I am empowering my clients to understand their issues, learn the skills to change patterns, and to develop more life affirming strategies. I use the following approaches: ​


  • Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based practice that helps to support clients move out of ambivalence and towards positive change by understanding the underlying dynamics of behaviors that present as resistant to change. Research shows that Motivational Interviewing significantly helps people make positive changes in their substance abuse or behavioral addiction patterns. It works with respect, collaboration and strengthening the client’s autonomy and intrinsic motivation to change.

  •     Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy works with body, mind, and spirit to create a more holistic experience of issues, challenges, and potential coping skills and resources. It is a strength-based approach to psychotherapy that supports the client in accessing resources in order to develop action-oriented skills for regulating emotions and behaviors.

  •     Cognitive-Behavioral Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment supports clients in developing awareness of addictive behaviors, high-risk situations, triggers, and connected feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Clients are supported in developing alternative, healthier choices and constructive strategies to deal with challenging emotions and situations. (Experience: Certified Addiction Counselor III, 12 years of experience, Trainer for the “Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change” Program for the State of Colorado Division of Youth Corrections, 2013)

  • “Natural Highs - Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol”

The services provided include psycho-education, skills training, training, and consultation, all intended to support sobriety and a healthy life style. "Natural Highs" is based on the cutting-edge research findings that all drugs mimic our natural neurotransmitters that are responsible for our happiness, well-being and sense of connectedness with others. Knowing how we have manipulated our own brain chemistry in not so healthy ways in the past we can learn what neurotransmitters we feel drawn to and how we can support them naturally.

  • Brain Spotting

  • Brainspotting is a new somatic technique designed to heal trauma and challenging emotional experiences very quickly and effectively. The technique is built on several neurological processes in how traumatic memories are stored in our brain and what conditions can support their effective processing. The client is supported to move into a relaxed state where the parasympathetic nervous system can be turned on. The brain is able to move into an empowered mode where it is able to use all of its resource to integrate challenging experiences and heal deeply. Brainspotting will allow the client to move from a place of overwhelm and anxiety to a place of meaning and empowerment, where challenging experiences will not debilitate but strengthen and inspire the person. (Training, Brainspotting Level 1 & 2 in 2013)



  • AcuDetox
    Auricular acupuncture detoxification “AcuDetox/AcuWellness” is a specific acupuncture treatment that started out as an adjunct treatment to reduce withdrawal symptoms from drug and alcohol addiction. The NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol involves the placement of 5 needles in each ear which are retained for approximately 20-45 minutes. In the last 30 years, AcuDetox has been used world-wide to support clients with trauma, PTSD, mental health, and addiction issues in addiction treatment centers, in harm reduction programs, community clinics, and street outreach. AcuDetox is a recognized treatment by the Colorado Medical Reserve Corps and is used to help first responders and affected people through disasters and trauma.

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